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New video: Convicted pianist plays in solidarity with Turkish protestors

Fazil Say says: Occupy Gezi. The pianist, awaiting retrial in Turkey for insulting Islam, has issued a solidarity video with the demonstrators in Gezi Park.

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  1. Keith McCarthy says:

    Norman, many thanks for posting this video, “Ses” soundtrack to the footage is very effective, we hope it doesn’t get him into further trouble.

  2. neil van der linden says:

    Maybe he can go in hiding in Hong Kong, sadly. I hope that at some point somebody in the Turkish government, in a country which is so dependent on its export and tourism, will decide that not only in Europe but also in the Gulf en Egypt all this religious muscleflexing does not bring the country much credit. On the contrary, the Turkish stocks went down many points in the last few days.
    Meanwhile I fail to understand how a local park can be the national president’s issue. Could the US president make an issue of Central Park? Could Cameron, or for that matter decide on Hyde Park? Or could the people of Oklahoma resp. Ulster have an interest in deciding? Moreover like New York istanbul is not the capital. And it is on another continent than most Turks.

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