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Just in: Renee Fleming cancels Lebanon, festival moved due to war

The diva has pulled out of Baalbek, and the festival has moved down the road due to overspill from the Syrian civil war.

Sad. More here.


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  1. neil van der linden says:

    “Renee Fleming cancelled even before the situation got worse,” the press office said, adding that other performers had, however, confirmed their attendance.
    That is familiar to the field I work in. Small and big easily get cold feet.

    By the way on the list of venerated artists of the past one could also add Miles Davis, Dame Margot Fonteyn, Herbert von Karajan and of course many times Feiruz.

    As an indication of the prewar situation one could also mention Stockhausen, who performed one of his Light opera pieces in a huge cave near Jaita.

    • “Small and big easily get cold feet.”

      The biggest have the least need for the paycheck and also the most stuffed schedules.

      Perhaps the biggest also fear they may be targets? I believe I may be fearful in a situation such as this if I already had performed in Jerusalem in the face of very public, intense pressure.from the Palestinian lobby.

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