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Just in: Met hires principal clarinet from Kansas City

The new principal clarinet at the Met is Boris Allakhverdyan of Kansas City Symphony.

boris allakh

The new bassoon in the Chicago Symphony is Miles Maner of Kansas City Symphony.

Any wonder we cheer for the KCs?

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  1. Emil Archambault says:

    What happened to Anthony McGill? He’s still listed as principal on the MET website, although there is an acting principal under him.

    • Malcolm James says:

      There are two principals in each woodwind section sharing the work. Anthony McGill and it is the other principal who is being replaced.

    • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

      This is complicated. Yes, Anthony McGill remains as one of the Met Orch principals (even though he did play several concerts with NYPhil). Stephen Williamson, who was the other Met principal clarinet from 2003-2011 until he left for Chicago was the other. Mr. Allakhverdyan is filling that chair. In the meantime, Williamson has been appointed principal with NYPhil as of September 2013,filling a vacancy that has existed at least 4 years (ever since Stanley Drucker retired). But, tenured players can usually ask for a year leave-of-absence while they try out the new job. Will they all stay in their new chairs? Ricardo Morales was supposed to become NYPhil principal until he decided to stay with Phila Orch, further complicating this musical chess game. Only time and the whims of the maestri will tell the tale of who is playing where.

  2. Rgiarola says:

    Also Matt Cassel moved to Minnesota on 2013. Another lost to KC.

  3. Michael Schaffer says:

    So what happened to Anthony McGill, the current principal clarinet of the MET? I heard him play as a guest with the NY Philharmonic last year. His playing was very impressive.

  4. That leaves some big holes in the KCS roster…

  5. BRAVO!!

  6. “…the Kansas City Symphony and its musicians have reached agreement on a three-year contract a full year ahead of schedule….”

    Read more here:

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