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Jonas K: I’m gonna sing all them Wagner high roles

Got up this morning. Did my 40 Jonas Kaufmann press-ups. Ran my 40 Jonas Kaufmann ks. Ate my 40 Jonas Kaufmann grains of breakfast rice. Did my 40 Jonas Kaufmann photoshoots. Had my eyebrows tinted. Read my 40 Jonas Kaufmann interviews.

He’s been telling the German news agency DPA that he plans to sing all the major Wagner tenor roles before he’s done.

kaufmann wagner


“Aktuell konzentriere ich mich auf Verdi. Doch ich habe mir fest vorgenommen, irgendwann einmal alle großen Tenorpartien von Wagner zu singen. Ich will aber nicht zu früh in die heldische Ecke gedrängt werden. Auch wenn ich da, was meine stimmlichen Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten betrifft, sicher mal landen werde.”


“I’m currently concentrating on Verdi,” said Kaufmann, who is to sing the role of Manrico in Verdi’s Il Trovatore at the opening of Munich’s Opernfestspiele on Thursday.

“But my ambition is to sing all of Wagner’s major tenor roles at some point. Nevertheless, I don’t want to be pushed into the Heldentenor corner too early, even if – as far as the development of my vocal capabilities is concerned – I’ll defintely get there at some point.”


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