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Is this the pianist, or the tuner?


We’re not convinced by the media kit from Sony for their new high hopeful. What, exactly, is he supposed to be doing?

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  1. Frances (Australia) says:

    Is he having a nap? :)

  2. If the sonatas he were playing were not so late, maybe he might be more awake.

  3. is there a video included in the media kit? would love to see it – can’t find it online.

  4. Russell Platt says:

    I think they’re trying to make a resemblance to Glenn Gould…..

  5. He is illustrating his revolutionary new piano technique, called “lateral pianism”.

  6. Nah, he’s thinking “Now what do I do” as he’s just discovered both the C and G keys keep sticking.

  7. Fabio Fabrici says:

    What do you expect? It’s the E-Media Kit.

    Better pictures come only to those who are eligible to get the A-Media Kit. :)

  8. He’s either checking to see whether the white notes play louder than the black notes, or he’s lost his pencil.

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