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I’m not sure what Classic FM is there for, but…

… this is quite funny. Click here¬†for the full Dmitri.


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  1. SergioM says:


  2. Michael says:

    I think Classic FM should really be called Radio 2.5 – halfway between Radio 2 and Radio 3: sounding like the first and pretending to be the second.

  3. David Boxwell says:

    The Eric Whitacre artfully streaked hair-tossing gif is really Radio One stuff.

  4. stanley cohen says:

    The link is faulty, Norman, but to be told of a Sunday lunchtime by none other than David Toe-sucking Mellor that the previous track played was his favourite, ranks pretty high on my never ever again list. That and Henry Kelly mispronouncing Eugene Onegin as Oygin On-again in between horse-racing tips.

    • Why should someone else enjoying a given piece of music or composer or performer put you off it / them?

      • stanley cohen says:

        Perhaps you have yet to experience the sensation of trying to enjoy a meal while suppressing the urge to vomit after witnessing the person on a nearby table vomiting in your general direction, Anon – or whatever your name is?

  5. Marcus Crompton says:

    Very amusing! A pity about the usual disparaging comments about Classic FM – there are some excellent broadcasts as well as some I’d rather not listen to (same deal as Radio 3 then,) They have a big focus on education as well as sponsoring non BBC orchestras too.

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