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Gidon Kremer’s China protégée declines the star trek to success

Last weekend, the great violinist went public again with his disillusionment with the classical star system and the corruption of the festival circuit, views that he first aired here on Slipped Disc.

Gidon, as it happens, is in China, working with another of the rising generation of pianists, Chen Sa.

Unlike some of her predecessors, Chen Sa has taken a lea from Gidon’s new book and declared that she rejects the label Piano Princess.

‘I’m not a princess. I’m not perfect. I’m emotional, subjective and stubborn, but I like my imperfections,’ she tells Xinhua. Read on.

gidon kremer chen sa 

 Pianist Chen Sa, violinist Gidon Kremer and cellist Giedre Dirvanauskaite
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  1. Thanks. I think Chen is very honest and mature–music must not neglect life in general.
    Isaac Stern’s contribution to China was monumental and East has met West.
    I am sure Gidon and GD will enjoy this engagement with Chen.

  2. Classical music’s greatest strength is that it trades on the currency of authenticity.

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