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Five finalists for Cardiff Singer of the World

Teresa Romano, soprano, Italy,

Olena Tokar, soprano, Ukraine,

Jamie Barton, mezzo USA,

jamie barton


Daniela Mack, mezzo, Argentina,

Marko Mimica, bass-baritone, Croatia.

Not the most exciting of contests. Our favourites all fell at the first hurdle.  Maybe Sunday’s final will get fired up.


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  1. Theodore McGuiver says:

    Daniela Mack is good and a great colleague, to boot. Good luck to her.

  2. Phillip Wood says:

    Thanks for publishing the finallists BEFORE the last round one contest airs tonight!

  3. Lynette Christy says:

    I’d love to know who your favourites are…..????

    By the way Philip Wood, BBC2 Wales has been running a 30 minute programme every evening with highlights and results from each day’s show so viewers of that programme know the results straight away.

  4. Aha! Wonderful. If memory serves, when you first posted the top 20 there was great excitement here from US readers about Barton. She has not let us down. Her performance was extraordinary. “Not the most exciting”???? Tastes do differ!

  5. Robert Avery says:

    There has been a useful intelligent half-hour show at 10pm all week on BBC2 Wales – available on Sky – with each of that evenings contestants singing one number and the winner announced. So we heard the list of finalists on Thursday while the whole of the Thursday round was shown on Friday on BBC4 and we could fast forward just to the singers we wanted to hear in full. The only disadvantage is that one hears nothing of Petroc Trelawney and the “how was it for you” questioning after they sing.

    The song contest was today with the winner announced but I wont say anything

  6. Jamie Barton is an incredible mezzo, with a huge and beautiful voice. I hope she brings it all home, for the USA!!

  7. david hobartt says:

    Jamie Barton is excellent and 1-2 more are very good (of the finalists). I know of Ms. Mack from the SFOpera Merola program. I’d go with Barton or Mack as the winner.

  8. Here is Barton at the recent Richard Tucker Gala singing the Donizetti she is performing at Cardiff.

  9. bellacanto says:

    I hope Jamie Barton wins. She really performed consistently well and her vocal production is fantastic

  10. I’m not aware how much comes up on the homepage. That said, I would have published the names anyway since the BBC had placed them in the public domain.

  11. Try not to be too precious. As someone who takes (and publishes a good deal of stick from readers, the host is entitled to give some back.

  12. so do I.

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