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Exclusive picture: Concertmaster to the Beatles

maguire beatles

The family of Hugh Maguire (right) have sent us documentary evidence of his presence at the Hey Jude sessions.

Hugh, whose memorial service takes place tomorrow, was leader of the London  Symphony Orchestra and the BBC SO, as well as an influential quartet player and teacher. In his heyday, there were few barriers between different forms of music. He was as pleased and proud to play with the Beatles as he was to work with Pierre Monteux, who premier conductor of The Rite of Spring.

A blessing on his memory.

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  1. Norman, there will also be a commemorative ceremony for Hugh Maguire in Dublin on Monday July 29th at 6:30 pm. Venue TBA. I will let you know, best, Derek

  2. Edmund Coxon says:

    Lovely picture. A fine musician and genial individual whom it was always a pleasure to meet.

  3. John Gordon says:

    With respect, this photo shows Hugh Maguire with the Beatles. But there’s no proof it was taken during the session for Hey Jude.

  4. I also remember him as the young leader of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, or perhaps I mean Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra at the time. His solos as leader were always a joy to listen to.

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