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Exclusive: Chinese media storm over illegal Andras Schiff recording

Following the recent Krystian Zimerman furore, this has just winged in from our China correspondent, Rudolph Tang:


A pirated recording of Andras Schiff’s recital in Shanghai has sparked media frenzy. The private recording, made on June 15th at Shanghai Concert Hall, was re tweeted more than a thousand times on the Chinese social media among music fans.

The owner of this recording who did not disclose his identity said in an interview with one of the local news outlets that all he cared about was sharing and he would delete the file should he be approached by Schiff’s agency.

Shanghai Concert Hall expressed concern over piracy but denied speculation of a blacklist. With the advancement of technology, pirate recordings of concerts prevail in favourite destinations for visiting artists like Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.

The recordings are often shared on social media sites available for download for free among die-hard music fans. There are pirate recordings of Anne-Sophie Mutter, Gidon Kremer, Andras Schiff, Jorg Demus, Orchestre national du Capitole de Toulouse, Munich Philharmonic, Les Arts Florissants, Seoul Philharmonic, Staatskapelle Dresden, WEDO, all made during their recent appearances in China.

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  1. A pity that the owner of the recording did not bother to find out what Mr Schiff cares about (which presumably is not having recordings made without his consent) before he embarked upon his entirely self-gratifying enterprise.

  2. I appreciate that different countries have different attitudes towards copyright – but this really isn’t fair to the artistes. Perhaps it’s time for the artistes’ management to think laterally: do their own filming & cut out the 3rd rate stuff, full of blurred images, shaky hand-held images, & fuzzy sound (I’m guessing). Trouble is, anyone with an average mobile phone can capture sections of a musician’s performance these days.

    Where did manners & respect go?

    • Rudolph Tang says:

      Oh these are really CD quality bootleg stuff.

    • Martin Locher says:

      So, free advertising for an artist is not fair? If I was a musician, I’d be thrilled if a concert perfomance of mine would be retweeted 1000 times, in fact, i’d retweet it myself.

      Then download the MP3, burn it onto some discs, print a naked man on a piano as cover and sell the recording in Italy. According to a comment on another Slipped Disc article the latter part of this plan is very professional marketing a la 1950s. A retro-futuristic style of releasing a record. A niche market maybe, who’ll try it 1st?

  3. if the artsits’ earning and privacy rights are overlooked, then the host must reimburse!
    Perhaps no tax , no accommodation fees as partial compensation for the nswest outrages in authors’ rights and in the BRD most of Horowitz’ , Heifetz and other deceased musician’s recordings, ‘censored’ from hearing and viewing on You Tube.

  4. I already had a great deal of respect for Andras Schiff as a performer, my respect has now gone up a few notches.

  5. says:

    It is not hard to understand why these men make private recordings. As the second largest economy of the world, China receives its foreign performances mainly in just three cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. To any extent, these performances, which are significantly restricted in geography, cannot meet the need of the enlarging classical music group.

  6. Guys can listen to it before a comment, the recording itself really shows it’s respect to the perfect preformance of that night. It’s not like a hand held video camera to make everyone in the concert feel unhappy.

    130614 Andras Schiff Shanghai Concert:
    1st half
    2nd half

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