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Criticising the Cliburn – from afar

The US writer and critic Michael Johnson followed the piano competition from his home in Bordeaux. So did thousands more on computer screens around the world. Their responses hit the fan long before those of professional newspaper critics. How does that affect the future of competitions? And criticism?

Read Michael’s reflections here.cliburn result

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  1. The real game-changer is the web streaming of competition performances. Mr. Johnson seems to concentrate on the reviews which appear in many venues not otherwise seen in conventional competition environments of the past.

    However, each review is merely the more or less erudite opinion of just one person, regardless of where it is published. That hasn’t changed.

  2. and the excruciating, quick fire interviews which can be seen on the Cliburn website are an additional insult to the pianists( “what’s your least favourite instrument” “What’s your favourite colour” etc.)
    Of course, time moves on and a certain informality is OK but this seems like the wrong direction to go.

  3. Steve, you forgot the “what’s your favorite body part?” question, to which they would have deserved just _that_ only answer.

  4. Ditto rw13

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