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Composer does a Banksy on Cathedral wall

Lovely story on the BBC about the discovery in Exeter Cathedral of an I-was-here inscription, carved into the stone wall by the 17th century composer Mathew Locke. Maybe they forgot to pay him.

Watch here.

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  1. Rosalind says:

    A quick Google throws up that he was born around 1621, so he would have been about 17 when he did this. Rather reassuring to know that teenagers were just as badly behaved back in these days!

  2. Robt. Switzer says:

    Assuming this was by his own hand, how he spelled his name differs from what appears to be the accepted spelling today. Modern references have it as “Matthew Locke,” yet he evidently spelled it with one “t” in his first name and without the “e” in his last. Do modern historians have anything to say about this? Do they care? Does it matter?

  3. good suspection

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