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Breakthrough for Greek musicians?

A correspondent writes from Athens:

It looks like under all this pressure the government will include the music ensembles in the new ERT.
We hear that will start with three month contracts for everyone and then build the whole thing from the beginning with music ensembles included as they are now. The moment is historical, all TV stations were talking and fighting about the two orchestras and chorus, never happened before in my life. Music suddenly became important for the political world.
Tonight at 8.30, as every night this week, National Symphony Orchestra musicians and ERT’s Chorus under the direction of Miltos Logiadis will plays Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms in the courtyard of the ERT.
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  1. Phebe Baltazzi says:

    Dear author,

    when I heard that decision, I spontaneously told to myself : “of course they need to do this because they want to “change” the whole status of our official and national radio-television…the leaders know very well the importance of music in our humanity so in order to “show off” as if they were trying to satisfy the licensed people, they had to give back the “dead body with its brain, but not with its heart”…, in order to finally take even the soul! Our ensembles and especially the third radio program, of classical music, are of very high quality…! When I travel in Europe, I miss it/them!

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