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Breaking: Michael Brewer loses appeal

Mike Brewer, the former Chetham’s head of music who was jailed for six years for indecently assaulting a pupil, has lost his appeal against the length of the sentence. Frances Andrade, who testified against him, committed suicide during the course of the trial. The comments by the Lord Chief Justice are unequivocal and uncompromising.

The Press Association reports:

His appeal was rejected by the lord chief justice, Lord Judge, sitting with two other judges at the court of appeal in London. Brewer, 68, who claimed his sentence was excessive, was not present for the ruling.

Judge described it as a “woeful case”. Announcing the court’s decision to dismiss the sentence appeal, he said: “There is nothing wrong with this sentence. It was an appropriate sentence for the offences committed by this applicant.”

He added: “It seems to us that he escaped justice for a very long time indeed and that justice has now caught up with him.”


mike brewer

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  1. Bob Wild says:

    Mike Brewer lost his appeal a long time ago…..

  2. Martin Roscoe says:

    judge Judge’s comments are very telling. Anyone thinking that so-called “historic” cases are not important or will not be dealt with should bear them in mind

  3. The problem that offenders like Michael Brewer do not realise is that their actions have long-term consequences.

    Whist it is sad that his family are now affected by his behaviour now, the best way to prevent other families of perportrators from suffering from similar fates is for the crimes not to take place in the first place.

    I have no doubt he was an extremely gifted choir trainer. I have read books written by him on the subject. His gifts in this field do not excuse what he did to these young people and how they have felt as a result.

    There is good reason why he is now serving a custodial sentence.

  4. Frank Chalmers says:

    I feel that Brewer probably has had quite a light sentence in the light of his admitted actions (he did not seem to understand that what he admitted to is inexcusable). I am most sorry for his pupils, some of whom are confused by the strong relationships he created, often in order to pursue his gratification…..classic offender distorted logic. He leaves a legacy of harm and confusion for the young people he targeted and I guess for the people who have supported him, who now feel constrained about speaking out about their feelings. And then there is his family…how they manage their feelings and their association with him must be very complex. How much more will there be? In the case of this type of offending, the tip of the iceberg, that we currently see may well cloak a larger body of hurt that may appear in court. Did he act alone? The close world of musical excellence where people seem to be well aware of each others careers and behaviour, could point to this knowledge being previously known and even approved of by a set. And I feel great regret that the venerable institution of Chethams has been put on the media rack by these and other disgraceful actions….the current students and staff must be under terrible strain, that for the most part is none of their making. Older ex Cethams students, may well look at this post 1969 development with disbelief and great disapproval….to change from an extraordinary Grammar into a lengthy opportunity for Brewer et al …….how did this happen? There should be answers and it should not be trundled into the long grass of history. If we do not learn the lessons of history are we not condemned to repeat the same mistakes? Let us make sure, not.

  5. I hope the family can take some comfort from the re-affirmed vindication of Fran and can grieve in peace now. It isn’t much to ask and is far less than they deserve, much as is Brewer’s sentence for him.

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