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Breaking: Maggio Musicale is ‘on the brink of closure’

The only alternative to shutdown, say the authorities, is to sack everyone and start over with a slimmed-down operation. Our sources on the spot say they are likely to shut down the theatre during the summer, when most locals are away, and just leave it shuttered up.

Read the gloom here (in Italian).



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  1. Rudolph Tang says:

    Never mind cuz they are currently on tour in China. Things will get better.

  2. ruben greenberg says:

    If this company and orchestra were shut down, it would be absolutely tragic: an orchestra that has been conducted by the likes of Furtw√§ngler, Muti, Mehta…. Florence is not exactly a cultural and economic backwater and a first-rate opera and orchestra are essential to its vitality.

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