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Boston renews back-up conductor

Mindful of its very limited contract with the new music director, Andris Nelsons - just 8-10 weeks a year – the Boston Symphony Orchestra has signed on its Brazilian assistant conductor, Marcelo Lehninger, for two more years.

(You never know when you’re going to need a Brazilian.)


press release: After three successful seasons as BSO’s Assistant Conductor, Marcelo Lehninger renewed his contract for two more seasons as the
Orchestra’s new Associate Conductor – a position created specifically for him. Maestro Lehninger was appointed by James Levine and conducted the orchestra in several occasions at Symphony Hall, Tanglewood and Carnegie Hall.

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  1. Daniel Farber says:

    Strictly speaking, the position of Associate Conductor was NOT “created specifically” for Lehninger. Going back into the BSO’s history, there has been an associate conductor: Richard Burgin, the orchestra’s concertmaster from the mid-1920′s until (I think) 1961, served as Associate Conductor under Koussevitsky and Munch. Among other things, he gave performances by composers of the second Viennese school that both music directors shied away from.

    • robcat2075 says:

      Maybe it’s like titles of nobility. When a title has been vacant because the original family died out and they want to bestow it on someone else it is called a new “creation” of the title even though it existed before.

      And you don’t go around creating titles unless you have someone specifically in mind. :D

  2. You never know when you’re going to need a Brazilian… :-)

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