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Anna Netrebko says: Scrap the Bolshoi and start again

The Russian diva, in  Moscow for a Red Square concert, was asked at a press conference what she thought about the constant upheavals and flush of criminal charges at the so-called Great Theatre. «Там надо всех уволить и все поменять, с ног на голову» she replied. Which translates roughly as: sack the lot and start again. She may well be right.

The Bolshoi’s head of ballet may never recover his eyesight, one of the best dancers will leave the building at the end of the month and the company stumbles from calamity to disaster.

The theatre’s season launch yesterday was a blinkered duck-shoot. “We are not paying attention to what’s happening around,” Anatoly Iksanov, the theatre’s longtime general director, told the Guardian’s reporter.

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  1. “Sack the lot and start again” isn’t a bad rendition of what Anna said. (More literally, it’s “There they need to fire everyone and change everything.”)

    But you forgot the stinger she added at the end – “from head to toe”. (The Russian is “from foot to head”.)

    • Da! They do it ass-upwards.

    • No, MW, your translation is incorrect: “с ног на голову” does not mean “from head to toe” – that would have been “с головы до ног”. To be more precise, “поменять с ног на голову” is much closer to “turn it all upside down”. Still a stinger, but of a different kind.

  2. Excellent – if terrifying – article in Der Spiegel about this. (They wouldn’t have to sack me… I’d quit!)

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