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Which bus to Amy Winehouse Street?

There’s a campaign up and running to name a street in Kings Cross after the late singer-songwriter of troubled memory. Her patch was Camden Town, but Kings Cross is near enough and that’s where the building’s going on. Camden Town is planning a statue, believe it or not.



Kings Cross residents are being asked to vote. Other candidates include Charles Dickens and Mary Shelley.

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  1. Amy Winehouse was a troubled singer/songwriter who suffered from drug and alcohol problems for most of her brief career. It seems excessive to have a statue erected and a street named after her. Camden Town was home to countless celebrities with long and distinguished careers. Where are their statues?

    I’d vote for Charles Dickens as far as the Kings Cross street is concerned!

  2. Well wasn’t she a Barnet / Southgate girl originally? Where there is a road named after an ex-MP so I don’t see why not have a road named after Winehouse. Local history “innit”.

    Also, however brief her life, her songs and singing were really very good and will live on in recorded form for as long as we have recorded media, which is probably a very long time indeed. Longer than the deeds of Sir Sidney Chapman MP anyway, even if he was an actually decent honest and hard working MP (a rare thing, just like outstanding singers)

    Oh and by coincidence, according to Wikipedia at least, she not only comes from the same part of London as me, she has the same birthday! (different year…)

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