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What Germans think of Wagner and other weekend contemplations

1 Der Spiegel’s cover team score again. Click here for English wagner


2 Searching New York for traces of Dylan Thomas. Click here.

3 Discovery of the week: a gorgeous new song cycle by Lev Zhurbin, texts by Bert Myers. Click here.

4 An observant, sensitive snob. Click here to read.

5 Celtic tigers, from our Boston pal Greg Shea:

6 Slava gets it together with Aznavour

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  1. Gurnemanz says:

    Joachim Kohler confirms his about-face concerning Wagner’s influence on Hitler…

  2. About the article in Der Spiegel: rather superficial and the author and his interviewees make sure they come across as ‘good Germans’. Wagner’s antisemitism was a cultural critique based upon a stupid mistake (that exploitative capitalists did their thing because of their ethnic background). But Wagner is a rewarding subject to show-off your moral superiority. Condemn Wagner as a person and have some doubts about the works and liking them in the same time, is a sure bet for ‘Salonfähigkeit’.

    • “rather superficial” – well, we’re talking about the Spiegel. Just the pseudo-intellectual variety of “Bild”.

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