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Walking my viola through the warrens of Afghanistan

The intrepid Australian broadcaster Emma Ayres has taken her instrument to the war zone to reconnect young Afghans to the music that was forbidden to them under the Taliban. In her audio documentary, creaking and jangling with the sound of iron security gates, she engages with Afghan teachers and children and the handful of Western idealists who fly out to help them. It’s a compelling sound portrait. You can listen here.

Emma writes: In the time I was editing this documentary, ten Afghan children were killed in a US air strike and the US diplomat, Anne Smedinghoff, was killed in a Taliban attack. Anne was a great friend to the Afghan National Institute of Music.

Here is one of her orchestral class students.

afghan cellist

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  1. Jeremy Williams says:

    I have known Emma for some time now and she is an amazing person!

  2. my deepest respect and admiration towards this young, brave lady.

  3. Nie tak efektowne, jak drony, ale na pewno skuteczniejsze.
    A brave step and worthy of admiration.

  4. Rajendrakumar Deerpaul says:

    Hats off to you young lady.In fact i always think to unite the world with the sound of music.Music happens to be the most powerful medium capable of bringing together the whole world.If stake holders understand the importance of music and the effort musicians are making to preserve and disseminate the sacred art of music the world would be the best abode for humanity.

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