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Video: Finn wins Polar prize

The richest prize in the north has been announced this morning. It goes to the composer Kaija Saariaho, who richly deserves it.

But the video has to be seen to be disbelieved. Step back in time and be amazed by the over-elaborate script, officious presenter and a promo style that went out around the time of the Cuba crisis. Must try harder, Polar bears.


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  1. John G. Rizek says:

    I remember that Alex Ross said once that Kaija along Thomas Adès, John Adams and G. F. Haas would stand as the top musicians of this generation. At least when it comes to the big prizes and public appeal it seems that he was right. Who else do you thing will be enlisted in future’s greatest twentieth first century musicians list?

  2. On Youtube, there’s a documentary on the making of her opera Adriana Mater, which premiered in 2006 at the Opéra Bastille.

  3. Oops, I didn’t realize that the link was going show as an embedded video here. That’s the first of four parts in a playlist, and the English captions can be turned on from the button at the bottom.

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