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‘Titanic violin’: BBC adds credence to auctioneer’s claims

The latest test attempted to prove that an auctioneer’s item, widely discredited, was the violin that Wallace Hartley took down with him on the Titanic is a run through a CT scanner in a local hospital.

The digital image manager at BMI Ridgeway Hospital in Wiltshire said: ‘The scan revealed that the original wood was cracked and showed signs of possible restoration.’ The auctioneer promptly proclaimed this as proof of authenticity and the BBC website has published his claim, unqualified by any further opinion, let alone a welter of contrary expert research.

This is amateur journalism at work at the BBC. Tony Hall, please take note.


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  1. PK Miller says:

    The violin was certainly onboard the Titanic…. And Clinton certainly did NOT have sexual relations with Monica Loosewinski! (sic!)

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