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This album begins with a minute’s silence

No, it’s not John  Cage. Nor is it one of those commemorative albums for these we have loved and lost in the world’s never-ending disasters.

It’s a world premiere of piano music by a composer little known outside Spain, a composer who was desperate to find a keyboard language that bore no resemblance to the all-conquering Domenico Scarlatti with his 555 sonatas.

Guess what? He found one.

His name is Joseph Nebra.

Desde el silencio – Out of silence – is my Sinfini album of the week. Skip the first track: it’s silent. Click here.




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  1. James Rhodes says:

    I also hope that any performance of the Liszt B minor sonata would start with a minute’s silence before those awesome first octave Gs. Kind of thing Richter would have done I imagine…

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