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The only known recording of Virginia Woolf’s voice

A couple of months back, we brought you the authentic sound of Sigmund Freud.

Now, thanks to Paris Review, we follow up with the great English novelist, speaking on the BBC on the subject of new words.


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  1. Ken Berv says:

    The Helmholtz Wave Equation of words, the E=mcxc of English compositon.

  2. I so enjoyed hearing (again) the interviews with Leonard and Virginia Woolf. For ten years, my husband, Jonathan (who follows your blog daily) and I lived at Monk’s House, their former home in East Sussex, as tenants of the National Trust. My book about the garden comes out in September. Is it not an extraordinary thought to think that Virginia Woolf set the type for The Waste Land in the larder of Hogarth House?

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