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The man who plays the Tchaikovsky concerto on two strings

Many readers have asked to know more about George Gao, who has been filmed in an astonishing performance of the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, played on the two strings of his erhu. You can watch it here.

Shanghai born, George lives in Toronto and teaches there at the Royal Conservatory of Music. He has performed on the erhu with several North American orchestras and deserves to be more widely heard. Proms, anyone? Click on his website.

Then go to the Carmen Fantasy.


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  1. Dear Norman

    Extraordinary playing, as always, from George. An amazing musician.

    Readers might recognise the ‘girl in the picture’ as the pianist Vanessa Benelli Mosell from last week’s post on her work with Stockhausen.

    She has also played and toured with George …

    thanks for sharing

    Andrew Logan

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