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Syrian refugees sponsor classical concert

A sign of the times: down in Arizona, the YWCA and a group of refugees from the Syrian civil war are putting on a fund-raiser with violinist Tamara Khatchatryan and her husband, Fadi Iskandar. The couple, with their young daughter, reached the US six months ago and are seeking asylum.



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  1. Thank you for posting this. There are a number of Armenian groups that have sponsored fundraising for non-politically aligned church charities such as Dorcas Aid International. Even though they are raising a fraction of what the U.S. has been reporting it is providing, in many ways these are more effective than the official U.S. aid institutions, since they know the country, are better at targeting the aid in an unbiased way, and are less prone to corruption and slippage.

  2. Hailing from the stricken city of Aleppo, here are two talented young pianists:
    Riyad Nicolas :
    Fares Marek Basmadji :

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