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Social and personal: Angela Gheorghiu announces new boyfriend

The great soprano has confirmed the new man in her life in an interview on Romanian TV channel. For the past year, she said, she has been involved with  Cezar Ouatu, a counternor who sang their country’s recent entry at the Eurovision contest.

Apparently, Ms Gheorghiu backed him for the role. Mr Ouatu, 33, did not win (he came 13th), but he will doubtless do very well elsewhere. He has appeared on the cover of Opernglas magazine and released a pop single.

Last night, the couple sang together at an Andrea Bocelli concert in Bucharest.  Slipped Disc wishes them every happiness.

Ms Georghiu was divorced earlier this year from Roberto Alagna, whose social life has been reported elsewhere on this site.

More here (in Romanian).

angela gheorghiu

And here’s how they sound together.

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  1. She’s a virgo, Alagna a Gemini. Never works.

    • Valdemar Barberis says:

      Angela echusemis e protégée occolonges metropoles !
      Promulgon e tote mirrringuisus otronomis por seguitur. Bravi!

  2. Now that she’s happy again – and good luck to her – she won’t cancel quite so much.

  3. Oleg Sherstiucoff says:

    Cum Eu pot gîndi? Bella Angela este acum cu tinarul !
    I am kidding – our Romanian Beauty is not only is my favourite Diva of all times but she is the most glamorous diva of at least the past half century.
    To Alan – believe me she will be fine – don’t worry on that score. LOL

  4. Garrigue says:

    Well , two days ago, Cezar himself DENIED on another (SERIOUS) TV station than … the garbage – Antena 3 , the fact he could have a “love afair” with Angela Gheorghiu … Just make up your mind, please … Who tells the truth ?

  5. @Garrigue- Never heard about what you said. What is “the other Tv station”?
    Please, name it!
    By the way Antena 3, is a very serious tv station.

    • ionescu says:

      Antena 3, IS NOT a very serious tv station. Antena 3 is a political television that is owned by a shady character.
      Angela changed a thorough-bred horse by a mule…

  6. What a mismatch! These two meet somewhat but not quite, midway, her voice dragged down, heavy and weighted, frequently flat and him forcing his voice upwards, not convincing at all as a countertenor. There is no attempt at balance either.
    With all her experience on the stage, she could coach him however on how to control his “windmill arms”.
    An awful performance, almost as bad as her “Con Te Partiro” with Bocelli – indeed, “Time to Say Goodbye”.

  7. David Boxwell says:

    Romanian HELLO!:

    Cezar and Angela! The sexy songbirds invite you into their world of passion and music, as they show off their swellegant Bucharest home!

  8. Maybe she can learn how to do some crochet or exchange recipes with her new friend. Anyway, her agreement to appear with this poor creature came too late. Mr. Lasagna presented his new girlfriend already and it’s much more credible thand her relationship with this boy (?), who must learn to sing like a man, by the way.

    • Missing out on being included in the Gramophone’s Hall of Fame, when Netrebko was, has now doubt sent her into a tizzy and clouded her judgement.

  9. Madalin says:

    She changed a thorough-bred horse by a mule….What a shame!

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