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Sir Alex Ferguson and the symphony orchestra

The BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, naming the departing Manchester United manager as ‘the greatest living Briton’, quoted in self-justification today a remark Sir Alex made to a Harvard audience about the lesson he had learned from watching a symphony orchestra. Here’s exactly what Sir Alex said:

I remember going to see Andrea Bocelli, the opera singer. I had never been to a classical concert in my life. But I am watching this and thinking about the co-ordination and the teamwork — one starts and one stops, just fantastic. So I spoke to my players about the orchestra — how they are a  perfect team. 

fergie-pa (1)

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  1. Profound.

  2. Kundry's Therapist says:

    So he still hasn’t been to a classical concert, correct?

  3. Kenneth Conway says:

    “Fergie” who?

    Well, it is true that professional sports bring out the best in people.

  4. Theodore McGuiver says:

    If even a quarter of my colleagues in the classical music world had Ferguson’s commitment to the cause I’d be very happy, indeed.

    • Halldor says:

      A salary like Ferguson’s buys a lot of commitment.

      • Theodore McGuiver says:

        Maybe the commitment came first, hence the remuneration (I’m sure he wasn’t paid the same when he was managing St. Mirren). Don’t put him in the same basket as those illiterate rapists he has (had) to work with.

    • I doubt if snarling, spitting, shouting, fighting and feigning injury on the concert platform, and getting arrested off it, would be a huge improvement.

      • Theodore McGuiver says:

        Fergie’s never feigned injury or been arrested, at least to my knowledge. I have, however, worked with many tenors whose behaviour is not incomparable with certain Premiership divas…

  5. Alexander Hall says:

    Nick Robinson really needs his head seeing to if he thinks Fergie is “the greatest living Briton”. There are dozens of alternative and more outstanding candidates. What is the point of this nonsensical hyperbole?

  6. Someone ought to get this man to the Halle!

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