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‘Singers are being made to rehearse twice as long as necessary’

The German artists’ agent Germinal Hilbert has leaped into the controversy over why many rehearsals are unpaid by arguing that festivals and opera houses are keeping singers in rehearsal twice as long as necessary.

Years ago, he writes on campaigner Elisabeth Kulman‘s website, three to three and a half weeks of rehearsals were the rule; nowadays, rehearsal periods extend well up to seven weeks. Are the additional costs really justified?

Read his article here, in German or English.


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  1. Jennifer Wilson says:

    Keep in mind that we also must maintain a residence in the rehearsal city, at our own expense — often going into debt to do so. Companies are now reluctant to give advances and slow to pay performance fees or even artists’ airfare. One suggestion: no artist must arrive to rehearse before the last leading artist arrives, unless it is a new production or there are compelling technical reasons to require some artists to rehearse with stage managers walking their colleagues’ parts for weeks, while said colleagues breeze in the day before a performance.

  2. Fabio Fabrici says:

    Isn’t half of the time in today’s “Regietheater” spent with rehearsing acrobatics anyway?

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