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Sick-bay: Mariss Jansons cancels Berlin Phil

He’s having to take a break in order to have his medication adjusted. Three concerts this week in Berlin and one in Amsterdam are being taken over by Jaap van Zweeden, the Dallas music director, making his BPO debut.

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  1. Jheronymus says:

    Wow, what a wonderful opportunity for this extraordinary musician and human being, awarded Conductor of the year 2012 in the States:
    conducting the Berliner in his “own” Concertgebouw in two big pieces (Bartok Concerto for Orchestra and Brahms 1st). But really a pity for Mariss Jansons who was to conduct this jubilee season (125 years Concertgebouw & Orchestra) his four favourite orchestras (Vienna, Bavarian Radio, Berlin and Concertgebouw) in Amsterdam. All the best for you, maestro! Hope to see you back on the pulpit soon.

  2. Michael MacLeod says:

    Jaap van Zweden is also Music Director of the Hong Kong Philharmonic with whom he conducted an electrifying performance of Tchaik 5 last Saturday before traveling to Berlin. Teu teu for him in Berlin & Amsterdam, and I’m sure we all wish Mariss a speedy recovery.

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