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Scriabin’s great-great-grandson is a pianist … and an international footballer

I’m heading off to Cyprus the week after next to see and hear, among others, a remarkable musician with an extraordinary pedigree.

Elisha Abas lives in Israel. He is descended from one of Alexander Scriabin’s daughters, who converted to Judaism. As a child, Elisha performed with Leonard Bernstein and Isaac Stern. Then he took time out to play football for the Israeli national team. Now he’s back at the piano, playing at the Pharos Chamber Festival, along with Mahan Esfahani, Michala Petri, Ashley Wass and more.

Saskia Constantinou tells his story here.


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  1. Mark Stratford says:
  2. For an indepth interview with Elisha Abas please visit my website or see my German article published @ Piano News March Issue 2013

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