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Police latest: Double-bass professor arrested

Manchester Police have arrested Duncan McTier, 58, professor of double bass at the Royal Academy of Music, in connection with an alleged sexual assault on a student in 1994. Professor McTier, an outstanding international soloist, is the second high-profile arrest in Manchester since the conviction of Mike Brewer on similar charges in February and the suicide of his victim and accuser, Frances Andrade.

Previously arrested was the violinist¬†Wen Zhou Li, a teacher at both Chetham’s and RNCM. He has been suspended from his teaching duties. Neither man has been charged.¬†Presumptions of innocence apply.

UPDATE: Professor McTier has been released without charge.

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  1. Please, Frances Audrade was Brewer’s victim, not “accuser”.

    • correct.

      • R. James Tobin says:

        She was both and the report put “victim” first. Actually many victims do not speak out; an “accuser” is needed to get a conviction and, given both legal and social disincentives to speaking up, that designation is not to be belittled.

  2. Rob van der Hilst says:

    Although – soberly stated – no judge has appeared in this profiled matter, no courtprocedure has taken place, no jury has spoken out, no verdict has been proclaimed et cetera cetera: the subject in this article has already been adressed as a perpetrator. Is this not….uhhh…. strange?

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