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Philip Glass concert is shattered by French ringtone

The authorities in Nantes searched the concert hall all night for the source of a rogue mobile telephone that disrupted a Philip Glass concert. They eventually found the phone, stuck between two seats in the auditorium.

What they can’t work out is how people sitting either side of the device failed to tell where the noise was coming from. Unless no-one was sitting either side because the concert was poorly attended. Read on here.

philip glass


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  1. Aren’t mobiles minimalist? Full of repeats?

  2. I’d rather hear the ring tone.

  3. Philip Glass can fill the Hollywood Bowl when he visits Los Angeles.

    Geez, if you don’t like the music then stay away from the concert. To sabotage it with a hidden cell phone is juvenile.

    If the music won’t draw listeners then it will fail on its own – no need to disrupt a performance.

    • José Lastarria says:

      I can generally fill the Hollywood Bowl when I listen to Philip Glass, too.

    • kip martin says:

      Sabotage? No one suggested malicious intent. I’m sure some thought it was funny, though!

  4. They probably thought it was part of the concert – certainly more musical than the pretensious tinitus music they were listening to!

  5. Dr. Marc Villeger says:

    So there was music after all. ;-)

  6. stereo says:

    Would have been the musical highlight of the concert

  7. David Foulger says:

    Well that should have livened up an evening of utter tedium.

  8. Mr. Boolez says:

    My plan has succeeded after all! Mwahahahahaaaaaa!

  9. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    I remember warning one of my students when the San Francisco Opera did a Glass work, many years ago… He was ready to scream, “CHANGE THE FUCKING CHORD!!!” but the stupid thing did change, then got stuck again…

    I was doing some house cleaning, and played Akhnaten while working, and found myself laughing at the unintentional hilarity of the pompous text, sounding like things Monty Python left on the cutting room floor…

    I have since sold all the sets of Glass works I had in the CD collection. Just like Terence Malick, he will never get any more of my time…

    I would rather have another root canal…

  10. Istvan Horthy says:

    I planted that phone – to avenge myself for the wasted, tortuous hours spent listening to and trying to enjoy, “Music in 12 Parts”. I kept the discs for 15 years and then gave them to a charity shop (cats).

  11. Mr. Boolez says:

    At last! My plan has succeeded. Mhwahahahahaaaaaaaaa!

  12. jim sillan says:

    hopefully the ringtone drowned out glass’ music

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