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Opera is the #1 attraction in event cinema

Research by Screen Digest finds that opera has become the most popular form of event cinema, ahead of pop concerts, ballet and other attractions.

opera cinema

In Britain, opera took a 39.7% share of event cinema. Figures across Europe are no less impressive: Russia (56.9%), France (35.2%), Germany/Austria (34.7%), Ireland (35.6%), Sweden (30.8%), Netherlands (24%).

The Met commands the majority of UK and continental opera screenings.





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  1. Who the hell picks “grey”, “grey” and “grey” as adjacent colours in a piechart?! Can anyone tell me, if they can pass the monochorome Ishihara test, which is “theatre” and which is “other”?

    • Richard Hallam says:

      I like your comment. I’ve been ‘colour challenged’ all my life. One doesn’t get much consideration in these things!

  2. Alison says:

    Is that so surprising? Looking at UK output alone this season, we’ve had 3 ballets from the Royal Ballet in cinemas, as against about half-a-dozen operas (some still to come) from the Royal Opera. Add the output from The Met, plus Glyndebourne, plus wherever, (and bear in mind that the Bolshoi’s ballet transmissions – of which there have been about 6 or 7, I’d guess – have been largely limited to one “arthouse” cinema chain, as opposed to a goodly number of Odeons and other mainstream cinemas for the Royal Ballet, Royal Opera and Met), and the figures don’t seem at all surprising to me. Apart from the two ballet companies mentioned, trying to find the locations of other ballet and dance transmissions in the UK makes looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack easy. They do exist, but you might have to travel halfway across the UK to find them.

  3. These figures are very clear in terms of % of market share by genre but what is the size of the market watching the transmissions – 10 people, 100, 1000, 10,000?

  4. The city where I teach (Aarau, Switzerland) apparently has just discovered opera as a way of attracting more spectators to the cinema. The first live event was shown on 29 April (read about it here in German):

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