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Now Gergiev designs a new concert hall for Moscow

No sooner has he opened the Mariinsky extension in St bPetersburg than Valery Gergiev has taken charge of plans to build a new concert hall in the capital. The appointment was announced by Moscow’s culture chief, Sergei Kapkov. The hall will be built on the site of the demolished Rossiya hotel and will be the centrepiece of a new park beside the Moscow River.


Phot: Putin on the site of the demolished hotel

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  1. Rosana Martins says:

    It is always wonderful news when there is a new concert hall being built. Congratulations!

  2. I wonder why. The Moscow Conservatory may be in a decrepit old building, but it’s a spectacular hall. The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall is a fine facility, and the Moscow International House of Music isn’t bad and is relatively new. Moscow has a very active musical life, but three major halls would seem sufficient.

  3. That’s what happens in a country run by a despotic dictator like Putin.

    No matter that there are miilions of subjects living in near starvation, locked up because they don’t agree with Putin or worse bumped off around the world by his lackies!!!

    Supporters of Putin, whoever they are, should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

    • Fabio Fabrici says:

      Hate to brake it to you, but without despotic dictators and their love for the arts and ignorance to the suffering of the masses, classical music would not have thrived in the last centuries.

      And as far as Putin is concerned, the poor in Russia are certainly much better off under him than under his most corrupt predecessor Jelzin, who was dancing to the world banks international tune…

  4. Theodore McGuiver says:

    The Rossiya was an amazing hotel. Absolutely huge, it was decrepit and insanitary: cockroaches would run over your table at breakfast and you don’t even want to know what you could find in your bedsheets…It had 3,200 rooms and a 2,500 seater concert hall. Soviet megalomania at its best. Resolutely without a grocer’s apostrophe.

  5. The Tchaikowsky Concert Hall is a fine building in which I have conducted a few times. A magnificent sound with magnificent accoustics. There is even a covered chair belonging to Tchaikowsky himself in the conductor’s room. It was , I believe, built for him by the Tsar ? I may be wrong in this assumption. The St. Petersburg Philharmonic is a fine band, one of the best with a massive lush string sound. I just hope their new hall is up to this old hall’s standards. Who will occupy it. The St. Petersburg Phil or the Theatre orchestra of Gergiev’s ?

    • Erkki Valsta says:

      We are speaking about Moscow, not SPb.

    • How come you started your comment talking about Moscow (where Tchaikovsky Concert Hall is located) and then suddenly switched to discussing St. Petersburg orchestras and their venues? This news item is about a proposed new hall in Moscow which has very little to do with St. Petersburg Phil or Mariinsky Theatre.

      • I humbly apologise to Erkki & Mark, my stupidity waded in and I got the names of the concert halls mixed up.
        Age doth taketh away.

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