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New video: Swiss flash Ravel in railway station

Outside of banking and pharma-deals, the Swiss are off the pace in most spheres of human endeavour. So don’t blame the poor dears for getting excited about a flash mob six months after the rest of the world gave up on the gimmick.

It’s quite sweet.

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  1. “Outside of banking and pharma-deals” – don’t forget they have the most comprehensive and reliable public transport system in the world. I suppose this is why they do the flash mob in a railway station.

  2. Halldor says:

    Six months? Ten years, more like!

  3. Hey Norman,
    I’m part of the rest of the world, never having been to Switzerland.

    I’d love to come upon or be in the middle of a flash mob. Would just love it!

  4. Poor Swiss, always too late, already with Nazism, then with EU and now with flashmob….

    L.F., Switzerland

    • Martin Locher says:

      Not sure how you can bring in the other two topics into this thread, but anyway…

      I don’t even see this as a flash mob, as it took place in a cordoned off area, which even is a regular spot for various events from beach volleyball or shot put to markets. Aren’t flash mobs supposed to be taking place unannounced?

  5. John Parfrey says:

    I hope the world never tires of these random acts of mirth and beauty. We seem to need them more now than ever.

  6. I think your comments, Norman, are a little cruel! It’s a lovely, joyous idea. And the Swiss have used that space in their extremely attractive Hauptbahnhof Zürich for opera – La Boheme. I think if you’d actually been there that day…

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