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New video: Lorin Maazel in football shirt is cheerleader for Bayern Munich

The Munich Philharmonic supports its local club, which is playing in the Champions League final at Wembley next week. So they have recorded a mish-mash anthem for the occasion, conducted by their music director.

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  1. That’s foul

  2. Ha, ha! Will share with my eight-year-old, who is Estonia’s biggest Bayern M√ľnchen fan.

    –George in Tallinn, who actually once (1985-1986) lived across the street from Dietlinde’s parents in Stockdorf, and watched the big Audi pull up in the mornings to fetch Maestro for his rehearsals, during the Abbie vs. Celi years.

  3. beaumont says:


  4. mitzouko says:

    Let’s see whether it helps.

  5. Michael Hurshell says:

    C’mon guys… it’s a gag. And it’s local patriotic support for a soccer team. Big deal. In fact I find LM’s deadpan performance quite amusing…

  6. He looks completely ridiculous. Some soccer game can’t possibly be important enough for him to demean himself this way.

    What can we expect next winter, in honor of the Socchi Olympics Valerie Gergiev appearing on the podium on skis?

    • Alexander Hall says:

      I agree. This concoction of hot air does nothing for his artistic reputation. But this is the same guy who thought nothing of advertising the most expensive Rolex gold watches years ago and being paid handsomely for it. There’s one thing to be said for American music directors: they stop at nothing.

      • I would think that when you get to a certain age there are some things more important than money. By the same token I don’t know that you can tar all US MD’s with the same brush. Likewise there a plenty of Euro conductors running around the globe chasing every last euro and the opportunity for fame and glory.

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