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New video: Do not sing on planes. Offenders will be arrested.

An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York was diverted to Kansas City after a woman refused to stop singing I Will Always Love You.

Here’s what happened when the aircraft made its unscheduled landing.

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  1. Rosalind says:

    I’m wondering if the same thing would have happened if she’d been singing ‘Porgi, amor…’

  2. Brian Z says:

    Just wondering… is this an ‘arts’ issue? or a mental health one…

  3. Was she taken off for singing or for singing very badly?

  4. PK Miller says:

    Unless there’s more to the story, it seems like blatant thuggery. Have the airlines all gone totally mad? Has the WORLD gone totally mad? (Local DA had someone arrested for “stealing” a $125 Kruegger coffeemaker from her office. No other crime in the county, I guess….) If her singing was that bad it[‘s why God invented earphones, iPods etc.! Perhaps the lady could have led them in 999 Bottles of Beer in the Wall?! Hope the lady sues for MILLIONS. Let the one among us stone the cast first!

    • Silence is golden, but Duck Tape works better and comes in silver.

    • You ask: Have the airlines all gone totally mad? Has the WORLD gone totally mad?

      Uh, er, um…

      In a word: YES!!!

    • You can’t be serious PK. Thuggery for removing a woman off a plane because she wouldn’t do what the crew asked her to do? Not everyone is tech savvy and travels with an I-Pod or headphones. (I do carry noise canceling ones with me whenever I travel, but not everyone is like me.) The problem isn’t just that she was attempting to sing (I can’t even say she was singing, because it sounded like a cat dying.) the problem was that she did not follow instructions given to her by a flight crew, which in itself is a crime.

      I could not imagine being the poor soul next to her, or even within a few rows of her. Ugh. I do hope she gets some help, because clearly she needs it.

    • Theodore McGuiver says:

      Is it mad to want to protect the peace and sanity of the vast majority of the public by removing these kinds of people? OK, she may be batty but that’s not the other peoples’ problem and they should not have to endure it. As for heavy-handed arrests, well, we should be familiar with the US, there. Who knows, in the UK she’d probably have been given an Arts Council grant and the other passengers told to shut up and stop whining. I’m with the US on this one.

  5. Well, what’s a flight crew supposed to do when a passenger insists on continuing, despite repeated requests to stop, disruptive behavior that is disturbing everyone in the cabin?

    On a two-hour flight it might well make sense to continue to the destination; on a five-hour flight, I’m not so sure.

    Depending on the particular aircraft, there may not have been anyplace to isolate the noisy passenger, and forcibly silencing her with duct tape on the mouth would probably be illegal.

  6. This is most definitely a crime against humanity.

  7. I sang through Bellini’s “Norma” (softly) once on a British Airways flight and nobody protested. That girl was thrown off for a horrible voice and a mediocre song.

  8. Marguerite Foxon says:

    When I do long distant flights I do not want someone singing ANYTHING non stop around me This was clearly a mental health sue and was handled appropriately as far as one can tell from the info here.

  9. This woman is clearly nuts, and it’s right that she be removed from the flight. Can you imagine listening to that all the way from Los Angeles to New York?

    What I find much more interesting is the voice repeatedly insisting that no photos may be taken on the aircraft. What’s that all about?

  10. It sounds like she needs psychiatric help. Who in their right mind would carry on singing that song after – I assume politely at first – being requested to refrain? If you’ll forgive the pun…

  11. For those who watched the video, did any hear that last comment “no photos are allowed to be taken on the aircraft”? Wonder if the passenger who captured the record here of the incident got the heave-ho too.

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