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New video: Cleveland Orchestra plays in downtown bars

The BBC has gone following the players into downtown areas where drinkers have never heard a classical concert. Watch here.


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Very like the OAE’s Night Shift here in the UK…

  2. Mark Pemberton says:

    Or even more like the OAE’s pub tour in 2012.

  3. another orchestra musician says:

    Hugely overdue. Kudos to the colleagues at Severance Hall – and congratulations to their newly fortunate neighbours!

  4. Stephen says:

    If we believe in the music, we have to believe that this will work but not everywhere. There are rural places that would not tolerate the musician even coming through the door. I know, I live in such a place and yet, I must have this music and art so I try to bring it in every chance I get just on the chance that maybe one or two people will take the chance.

  5. move the product!!!

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