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Name the guilty at this party

name them

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  1. John Kelly says:

    Domingo fancies his chances with the ladies as usual :)

  2. The man standing between Putin and Gergiev looks just like George Lucas. Strange company to keep! Is this a case of “the empire strikes back”?

  3. Except for the two gorgeous ladies on the right of the photo all the rest seem to be old white men.
    Is this a male domain?

  4. Poor Alexander Litvinenko.

  5. harold braun says:

    Placido and Valery are the clear winners here!

  6. Isn’t this Gergiev’s birthday?

  7. José Lastarria says:

    Looks about as classy as the wedding party in the film The Concert…

  8. Maltese Falcon says:

    It’s not French bubbly in the glasses

  9. Oleg Sherstiucoff says:

    On my right (the picture) Mr.Ivanov – one of Vladimir – the Iron Man’ lieutenants, while on the left definitely “I am here-I am there-I am…..everywhere” Placido.

  10. Paul Kelly says:

    The guy on the far left looks like a waxwork.

  11. Dave K says:

    A very high FSB-to-artist ratio there.

  12. José Lastarria says:

    I’m amazed no-one has identified that famous Austrian soprano Anna Netrebko.

    • Esfir lebovich says:

      She is Russian born, and bred by GERGIEV!!! She took it as an honorary one.

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