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Lang Lang teaches piano with green apples

The piano superstar is in the Colombian cities of Bogota and Medellin, holding open masterclasses and having a good time. lang lang bogota

But can someone tell us why his students are holding green apples? Have they been waiting all morning and missed lunch?


lang lang bogota2

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  1. Maybe they will try to play the piano reduction of “Wilhelm Tell” with the apples poised on their heads.

  2. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    Nicholas Slonimsky used to perform the “black key” etude with an orange. I once heard him do it live! Green apples would be perfect for a few Henry Cowell tone clusters. We could call is the “Granny Smith” technique.

  3. Isn’t the apple supposed to be a symbol of knowledge?

    Bing Crosby had the answer…

    You may be just a lemon
    But he’ll think you’re a peach
    Just bring an apple for the teacher
    When he starts to teach

  4. butchkoch says:

    Used to enforce the curved hand technique.

  5. Nelson Armitano says:

    Those were ‘Secondary Piano’ lessons. The students are all string players who use the apple to enhance their bow grip technique …

  6. Because he is planning to teach them the core repertoire?

  7. Apple geeks…..

  8. Hand position? When I learned piano in the 70s I held a tennis ball.

  9. Maybe they are actually green mangos? Many people in South America like to buy slices of them from street vendors and eat them with salt. Very tart!

  10. paul christopher says:

    Lets just hope Lang Lang refrains from teaching his famous wild gestures and ridiculous facial expressions

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