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La donna e mobile – at 92 years old

The tenor Angelo Loforese, born 27 March 1920, is still going strong. Very strong.
lo forese

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  1. This is what opera is about: solid voices with solid techniques and great singing. The incompetent clowns from Regietheater and the ignorant scoundrels who pass as Intendants in big houses have it wrong.

  2. eitan bezalel says:


  3. Graham Cox says:
  4. The tenor Solomon Khromchenko sang well into his 90′s but not with the booming high notes of Laforese. My teacher also made a CD with Melodia of Russian and Jewish songs while in his 80′s.

  5. PK Miller says:

    Bravo, Signor La Forese! If I can get out of bed when I’m in my 90s let alone sing like that, high B & all, I’ll consider myself damn lucky! I’m not surprised Domingo is now singing baritone roles. Indicates true Heldentenor. But he will run out of voice before he’s 75 because he’s singing everything. This man obviously has cared for his instrument and has chosen what he sings carefully. I am thrilled, I am impressed, I am moved!

    • James Forrest says:

      Who could not be moved! And, impressed with Lo Forese’s ease of emission! I think I’ll go rest, now . . . ! :)

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