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Flutes alive! They’re storming the charts

Does the name Ian Clarke ring a bell? Thought not.

He’s a flute teacher at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, ‘one of the nicest guys around’  by the common consent of his profession and a pretty good composer. So when Ian brought out a new recording of his own works, the boys and girls in the London bands decided to give it a push. They ran an online campaign here and dug into their purses, one and all, to find the spare change to buy a copy of Deep Blue.

What do you know? Ian Clarke bounced into the charts this morning at #8 the second highest new entry.

When those flute players get together, the walls of Jericho fall.

Here’s one he wrote earlier.

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  1. It made our weekend seeing the official chart showing Deep Blue by Ian Clarke had gone straight in at number 8. This is amazing considering it is a self published album competing with artists from major record labels.

    A wonderful success for a wonderful artist. I urge anyone who has not listened to this yet to listen to some of the clips on Ian’s website and there are links there on where to find it on amazon, iTunes, and

    Ian is a professor of flute at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. His album is filled with his own contemporary classical compositions. What is so special about this and his previous album Within is how he seamlessly blends melody, virtuoso performance and extended techniques to create something so listenable. This album also features the exceptionally talented Tim Carey, who is famed worldwide as the collaborative pianist of choice for flute players.

    As a flautist myself, I am proud to see such a virtuoso artist as Ian succeed in the charts. The world is filled with young flautists who love his compositions and buy his works to learn to play them for themselves. How exciting that they will now be able to hear him on the radio as his CD is storming up the charts!

  2. carolyn kelly says:

    I remember Ian giving an ex-pupil of mine a lesson on this wonderfully evocative piece. She performed it at the Fairfield Halls lunch time concert when she was about 15. I have not had a pupil yet who doesn’t love Ian’s music – it is so individual/alterntive/haunting/ and mostly accessible ! I don’t have the patience to learn the necessary new fingerings for Train Race but a pupil of mine, Mark Carey (no relation Tim..) played it @ home and abroad on musical tours. Audiences loved it. Ian also brought the house down when he came to Croydon to do a class with the Croydon Fluteharmonic and walked around playing Zoomtube with mic tucked into his belt. He really raised the level of excitement that night….So delighted about this recording!

  3. A flute player says:

    Dear Norman,

    The walls of Jericho may be swaying a little, but I am not sure if they have yet fallen.

    Despite the great chart position, I have yet to hear Ian’s music played on the radio. I hope this will change, but I believe it will take a groundswell of requests to Classic FM and elsewhere before the album gets much attention.

    Anyone who wishes to support Ian in getting his music played could consider adding their comments on the Classic FM playlist here:

    and requesting his music be played on Jamie Crick’s excellent Classic FM request show (see how to do this below).

    It is great to see how many flute players, flute websites, and flute organisations have been supporting Ian Clarke. For example the excellent flute shop ‘Just Flutes’ have circulated the following message among the flute community:

    “Ian Clarke’s “Deep Blue” CD Enters Chart at #8!

    A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part so far in the Ian Clarke Chart Challenge! Together, we’ve managed to get this album to number 8 in the Official Classical Chart, a phenomenal achievement for an independent CD against giants such as Sony, Decca and Philips. Plus, this is the first ever flute composer-player to appear in the classical chart!

    What Next? We’ve shown how we can work together to get flute in to the chart: now we need to get this record played on Classic FM to help us to extend this interest to a wider audience.

    The Plan The best opportunity to get this played will be on the Classic FM Requests show, which is on daily between 1pm-5pm.

    If lots of people make requests for our favourite track from the album, we stand a great chance of getting some great contemporary flute music played on national radio.

    To make a request:

    Send your requests through this form on the Classic FM website
    Call Classic FM on 0845 7 49 1812 (UK only)
    Text your request to Classic FM: 61812
    It looks like Tweets and Facebook requests to Classic FM won’t be considered”

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