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First change at the BBC Proms

It was known when the Proms were announced that a replacement would be needed for the LSO’s concert with Sir Colin Davis, who had died a few days earlier. The programme remains classic Sir Colin. The new conductor, by the way, made his Vienna Opera debut last night.

daniel harding


Tuesday 20 August, Prom 51
Tippett The Mask of Time  Fanfare No. 5
Tippett Concerto for Double String Orchestra
Britten Les illuminations
Elgar Symphony No. 2 in E flat major
Ian Bostridge tenor
Daniel Harding conductor
London Symphony Orchestra
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  1. Should have been Andrew Davis!!!

  2. Yes! Andrew Davis for the LSO. He did a fantastic job at the BBC Symphony.

    • Lauren says:

      As Davis has extended his contract as MD of the Chicago Lyric Opera until 2021 and this year begins a four-year term as Chief Conductor of the Melbourne Symphony he’s not very likely to be taking on the LSO job as well (pace the incumbent’s approach to time management!)…

  3. James Forrest says:

    While to this Yankee, Andrew Davis seems an admirable choice, it might be well to let the unquestionably talented Mr. Harding have his turn–at least for what seems to me a lovely programme . . . .

    • Terry van Vliet says:

      Thanks James Forrest for endorsing Daniel Harding. I heard him conduct the Gewandhaus Orchestra superbly at the Mahler Festival in 2010. All the recent rant on Slipped Disc about not employing young musicians strikes me a wee bit ironic pace Mr Osborne.

  4. I would say the originally programmed Sibelius 2 was more Colin Davis than the replacement Elgar.

  5. I say Martyn Brabbins for MD of LSO.

  6. Oleg Sherstiucoff says:

    I am exalted to see Daniel Harding in this “all-Brits” program….Of course,it is only my feelings.

  7. Miles Golding says:

    One day the BBC and others in the UK will wake up to the enormous talents of Howard Arman, graduate of Trinity College, London, who has done fantastic work in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Leipzig (MDR choir), and is currently at the Luzern Theatre. Whether he’s conducting large forces, directing a small period band from the keyboard, composing, arranging, or devising inspiring programmes, his musicianship and skill is of the highest quality.

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