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Fired symphony conductor becomes chamber orchestra chief

When Arild Remmereit was dismissed as music director by the board of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, players and supporters split into opposing camps of passionate adherents and opponents.

Legal bids to have the Norwegian reinstated at the RPO have stalled. But the conductor of the Rochester Chamber Orchestra, David Fetler, has decided to call it quits after 50 years – leaving his podium to Remmereit. Rochester has not seen the back of him.

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  1. Norman, did you mean, “the last of him”?

  2. Liane Curtis says:

    Hahaha, Mr. Lebrecht, your last line made me laugh! “Rochester has not seen the back of him.” Well, Remmereit’s a conductor, and we HAVE seen the back of him, and we want to see more of the back of him — with him onstage. And if you’d seen and heard him conduct you’d want to see more of the back of him, too. Anyway, we are very happy with the developments and with the exciting potential that this fine chamber orchestra offers.

  3. Ghillie Forrest says:

    He’s a particularly interesting conductor from the back. Unless he has done something distinctly different to his hair (like apply airplane glue), the back of his head offers an amazing gloss on his interpretation of any piece. The last couple of times I saw him, the various layers went bouncing up at certain points, out to the sides at others, and a sheaf of hair at the top of his well-endowed head would stand up when he was particularly emphatic, almost like an exclamation mark. It riveted me the first time I saw him in a hall (conducting the chilly Hilary Hahn, he provided at least some visual interest through the waves of movement by his hair).

    The Rochester appointment is interesting. There are other orchestras not a million miles away that are head-hunting these days, or years. He may be staying available.

  4. This speaks volumes re the public perception of AR in Rochester. Good for him.

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