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Dutilleux: A Paris photographer’s memories

Marion Kalter, who works with Lebrecht Music & Arts, has blogged up some of her most intimate images of the late composer right here.

Don Giovanni, Theatre des champs Elysees,2013

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  1. Rosana Martins says:

    Marion Kalter is a brilliant photographer and she managed to capture some wonderful photos of Dutilleux.
    May he rest in peace!

  2. Mark Stratford says:


    The Daily Telegraph obituary did a bit of Boulez-bashing (probably well-founded for once) :

    …Boulez seemed to regard (Dutilleux’ symphones) as a personal affront and, being such a forceful figure in French contemporary music, his disapproval effectively scuppered Dutilleux’s chances of making his name. “He was very brutal,” Dutilleux recalled. “When he was young, he didn’t like what I wrote, and I didn’t agree with his aesthetics at all. The problem was he had a lot more power than me.”

    Repelled by Boulez’s revolutionary zeal and lack of self-doubt, Dutilleux was more or less compelled to look abroad,

    • Michael Antrobus - Oslo/Norway. says:

      ……and I’m glad that he did “look abroard” M. Bootlace is intitled to his views but so is the rest of the music profession who don’t condemn M,Dutilleux’s wonderful music.

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