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Breaking: A Wagner to head Bonn’s Beethoven Festival

It’s being reported that Nike Wagner, the most agreeable of the clan, is to be the new intendant of the Beethoven Festival.

Nike, 67, is leaving the Weimar Arts Festival this year. Bonn is losing  Ilona Schmiel, who takes over as director of the Zurich Tonhalle next year. Nike’s appointment has yet to receive political approval.

She is the only member of the composer’s family who has gone on record to say they should no longer be running the festival at Bayreuth.


nike wagner

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  1. stanley cohen says:

    Nike Wagner might well be thought the ‘most agreeable’ of the clan but it is a claim that needs to be evaluated alongside that of Gottfried Wagner who, born in 1947 in Bayreuth is banned by the rest of the clan from there and uncannily resembling his famous ancestor, is a purveyor of peace and light as well as a wealth of musical knowledge. Centre of his studies are German and European culture and politics of the 19th and 20th century in connection with Jewish culture and history. His studies are published in 11 languages. He works internationally as a multimedia director, musicologist and writer. He received different awards for his artistic and academic activities as well as for his humanitarian involvements. I have been privileged to both meet him and hear his lectures.

    • Gurnemanz says:

      You forgot to say that Gottfried Wagner cures deadly diseases with a mere touch, makes the blind see and the lame walk. He hasn’t quite gotten to the “raising the dead” part but a couple of more rants about his famous ancestor and his art should do the trick, at least amongst the more impressionable.

      • stanley cohen says:

        To quote a famous one-liner addressed to Otto Klemperer by an enthusiastic but tactless amateur singer, ” Haben-sie gesehen meine Gurnemanz?”
        Gottfried’s greatest – and possibly sole – crime, in the eyes of his family, is that he actually likes Jews,

        • stanley cohen says:

          BTW, the Doctor’s equally famous answer was ” Just make one move and I’ll sound the alarm!”

        • Gurnemanz says:

          Oh, please…His sole act is to play upon people’s prejudices by giving them stuff that appears to confirm them using in the process his last name and ancestry as main “evidence” in support.

  2. Nike Wagner is definitely an interesting person. As for being the intendant for the Beethoven festival I think it comes as no surprise.

  3. Hasbeen says:

    Nike Wagner may well be an admirable choice but what justifies the ‘most admirable’ headline. Not one negative word has been written about Eva Wagner the co-director and daughter of Wolfgang. She has worked her entire career in music and has not attracted any negativity.

  4. Michael Schaffer says:

    Who cares what Nike Wagner says? She fought for many years to gain control of Bayreuth and lost. Now she says the festival shouldn’t be run by family members anyway. After she fought for many years to gain control of the festival herself and lost. Hmm. I wonder what made her change her mind? Maybe the fact that she fought for many years to gain control of the festival and lost? Hmmm…

  5. Nike Wagner looks like the reincarnation of Cosima Liszt.

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