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Official: this is the biggest-ever gathering of violas

We are informed this morning that a performance in Porto has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ensemble of violas ever assembled. It took place in Porto in 2011 and there are 353 violas playing in this show.

I wonder what took Slipped Disc so long to discover it.

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  1. 353 violists in a room, huh? Is there a big old trap that is ready to spring on all of them once they start playing?

  2. Ashley Mason says:

    Is “bouquet” the collective noun for a gathering like this?

  3. Theodore McGuiver says:

    Q: What do you get if you put 353 violas in the same room?


  4. Anastassian says:

    C’est formidable “Union fait la Force”

  5. It has hundreds of children! How wonderful.

  6. Andrew Bennett says:

    Norman, I posted this on your Facebook page, too, but I guess that here people tend to browse over a longer period, and may be interested to see the slight correction:

    I think you have mixed up two events. In 2011 the biennial convention of Portuguese viola players included a concert in Casa da Música (in your picture) with, if memory serves, 321 violists. This duly entered the Guinness Book of Records. Last weekend the next convention took place and, at the Dolce Vita shopping centre in Porto, they reckon that they set a new record of 353. Of course such serious matters have to be verified with photos, witnesses, etc, so at the moment it is officially only a claim and the Portuguese Association of Viola Players are awaiting the recognition from Guinness.

  7. Joanna Binford says:

    What a beautiful sound! Love seeing and hearing so many violists of all ages playing so well together. Bravo!!

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