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A view from the maestro’s bathroom

Jaap van Zweden is selling his Ritz Carlton apartment in Dallas for $2.9 million. He co-owns it with the violinist Michael Guttman. The two pals, apparently, are used to making joint investments. Whatever. You can get the home tour here.

What caught my eye was the bathroom. If I was music director in Dallas, I’d settle for nothing less. Wonder why he’s moving.van zweeden

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  1. Moving to Hong Kong for Philharmonic director position?

  2. Mark Pemberton says:

    I didn’t get to see inside his apartment, but I did get to ride in his top-of-the-range Mercedes SLK when I was in Dallas last year.

    • OK, Mark, you’ve one-upped us. Hands up everyone who’s been in that bath.

      • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

        An SLK ? He can do better than that. He needs an SLS AMG gullwing to go with that bathroom. And I have the list of everyone who was been in that bathtub (redacted for legal reasons, lol).

        Anecdote: a famous piano soloist was tooling around Verbier in 1999 in a new SLK (top down) just after they first came out. He had picked up the young man who was concertmaster of the student orchestra and they sped through the narrow winding streets. When I saw the student later, I commented: “You make a lovely couple” His reply: “you mean me and the car, right?”

      • Theodore McGuiver says:

        …and watch the lawsuits come tumbling in…

      • How many people can that bathtub hold at a time?

  3. Perhaps this is a long awaited sign that the INSANE prices in Dallas are finally peaking and it’s time to cash out. As a former Houstonian of 16 plus years, I’ve eyed Dallas real estate for a long time and now indulge in ogling from a more considerable distance. . . from New York.

    I should qualify that. . . Western New York. . .

  4. Erik Voermans says:

    Now that he has made his debut with the Berlin Philharmonic, he deserves a correct spelling of his name. It’s Jaap van Zweden. Your double ee also suggests uncertainty about how to pronounce his name. It should sound something along the lines of ‘vohn zwaydon’. Note the slight Amsterdam accent I put in there.
    Sorry to be such a nit picker.

  5. Wretched excess. I wonder how the Dallas Symphony can ask for donations with a straight face.

  6. this is disgusting, I wouldn’t want to live like that.

  7. Thomas P says:

    It seems cozy enough, but I’d be most interested in the details of his audio system. And of yours, Norman?

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