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Yundi, mostly for Chinese?

I was unable to attend Yundi’s London recital, being torn between the BBC Proms launch and being late for dinner with my daughter.

It was good to hear that Yundi recovered from his hurt finger. The first review, by Michael Church in the small-circulation Independent newspaper, notes that the audience was ‘predominantly Chinese’ . This is a new phenomenon for classical recitals in London, and certainly not the case at the Royal Festival Hall when Lang Lang plays. Lang Lang’s audience is diverse, and fairly young.

Church reports that Yundi’s Beethoven was impressive and that his response to the applause lacked a ‘Lang Lang-style vulgarity’. It seems that neither of these master pianists can go anywhere without being compared to each other. Read the review here.


yundi vs lang lang chopin

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  1. Ignacio Martínez-Ybor says:

    Invariably I have always found Yundi Li a “by the numbers” sort of pianist. Totally uninteresting. One would wish he’d put his formidable technique to musical use. I have given him the benefit of the doubt repeatedly, and have been repeatedly disappointed. No more.

  2. Qianggugu says:

    Sir, you know what, the tickets for Yundi’s performance in China this month was sold out in only 12 minutes!

    In China, “Often” are referred to Yundi’s some crazy fans, because their distorted love for Yundi. Even Yundi got positive appraises from Europe media, they said it is because European have a lower standard for Yundi. Based on their strict attitude, high school students could play piano better than Yundi.

    • What you said is not true. Yundi’s real fans are excited by his positive comments from western media and reviews. The people who said ” it is because European have a lower standard for Yundi. Based on their strict attitude, high school students could play piano better than Yundi.” is not a fan, he is a man close to those who always criticize Yundi. I don’t think those persons have impartial and objective attitude towards Yundi.

  3. Qianggugu says:

    Besides, there are some people like to say that they once love Yundi deeply, but feel disappointed about his recently performances, broke his heart, balabalabala…..

    But I think this kind of words wouldn’t shake those people who have his/ her own understanding about classic music.

  4. stephanie says:

    I heard that Yundi’s london recital went well. Congratulations to him!

  5. His response to applause ‘lacked a Lang Lang style vulgarity’. What on earth is that supposed to mean?

  6. yunjuanjuan says:

    It is indeed unquestionable that Yundi is mostly for Chinese. Judging by the released pictures from those concerts you can even hardly tell they were actually in Europe as the majority of the audience was young chicks with black hair, lol…. Even simpler, you can track back your articles here. If it has something to do with Yundi, it must be attracting much more comments than other ones, lmao

  7. Sir:

    These observations about audience demographics are consistent with what I noted when I went to hear Yundi Li in Cambridge in 2011. Based on my anecdotal evidence, I would add the conjecture that many people in his audiences are otherwise not regular concert‐goers (but I might be completely wrong about this).

  8. YUNDI said:”Only music can define me.” Nothing does matter but music. The London recital had been successful and his concert made the audience be emmersedl in the enjoyment of musical beauty .That’s all.

  9. lol people just cannot stop mentioning lang lang when they talk about yundi li. And interestingly, showing more or less a bit of dislike for lang lang seems to be a popular way of writing yundi li’s reviews

  10. antony wall says:

    I just left my reaction to the concert on the other page. I enjoyed it and hope to see Yundi Li again. Antony

  11. Volpetta says:

    Well, with Yundi’s recent popularity in China, it is quite obvious that some of the audience went to the concert just because of Yundi’s fame or charisma.
    Introducing the classic music to young generation is what Yundi have been devoted to in the past two years, isn’t it? So he did it. Some girls were excited as pop-star fans, but they will eventually learn, grow up and perhaps fall in love with classic music.
    Is that another unforgivable mistake Yundi committed?

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